Thermal conductivity

Declared thermal conductivity values for WALLTITE® by Bright Home Renewables Insulation:

Thickness (mm)Conductivity (Wm²/K)
Less than 80mm0.0269
80mm to 120mm0.0257
Over 120mm0.0247

The system uses “permanent” type blowing agents and has a closed cell content of over 90%. Values are derived using the “fixed increment” procedure after undergoing Normality checks at the BBA.

Covered by test reports 5874 BIN & 5874 BAN.

For diffusion open faces:

Thickness (mm)Conductivity (Wm²/K)
Less than 40mm0.0269
40mm to 60mm0.0257
Over 60mm0.0247


Compare Bright Home Renewables Insulation with traditional systems

WALLTITEGlass fibreWoolBlown celluloseOpen-cell foam
U-Value (100mm)0.250.330.330.330.33
Approved air barrier systemYesNoNoNoYes
Air leakage
<0.0033m³/hr/m² at
50mm thickness
Air leakage
at 130mm thickness
Seamless constructionYesNoNoNoYes
Fully adheredYesNoNoNoYes
Adds structural strengthYesNoNoNoNo
Long service lifeYesNoNoNoYes
Absorbs water0.05kg/m²YesYesYesYes
Allows moisture vapour inMinimalYesYesYesYes

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